Work with Tim

As you move through this website, you will notice an array of advertisements displayed on its pages. These adverts are all strategically placed to attract the viewer’s attention and all in one way or another, reflect the ethos of the website that strives to make itself all about.

If you are an individual or a business with a product or service which you think would look great placed alongside such advertisements, why not contact me to arrange your very own online advert?

Choose the Online Advertising Route

As a person who not only spends most of his time online but also surrounded by those who do the very same, I can tell you first hand that online advertising is powerful! When I look at how long most of us will spend online in just one day, it soon becomes clear that this is where all businesses and individuals need to be visible.

In all honesty, if most of the students I study with and I can’t find a company or individual online, we will decide to divert our attention elsewhere. When I think of the many missed opportunities because of a lack of online presence, it still seems hard to understand why so many businesses and individuals again don’t promote themselves where the mainstream of their customers are.

By taking the decision to promote yourself online, you not only move forwards and begin using the most popular method of advertising there is in use today, but you also access many other advantages when doing so.

Online Adverting Is Effectively

When visitors land on this website, it will most likely be because they are interested in accessing further information to help them with their current situation. A considerable proportion of my visitors are students, whether past, current or present.

If you are a company or an individual with a product or service which relates to such an audience, you need not bother with any customer research. This site already has an established base of 13,400 unique visitors per month, and the great thing is that they are all looking for reputable products and services as they maneuver through the site.

Your intended audience is therefore merely waiting to discover you.

Online Advertising is Cheap

Without a doubt, online advertising is hugely cheaper, when compared to that of the more traditional methods of promoting your products or services. Those other methods, such as billboards, TV, radio, magazines and mail shots are incredibly costly when factoring in taking on an advertising agency to handle the actual advertisements.

Such agencies will not only cost you time, regarding performing customer research and then working on getting that final advert prepped and ready for display, but the costs of taking such a route can run into significant numbers as neither way is cheap.

Another reason why people chose online advertising is its relatively low cost to purchase outright. Because all you need to do is select your preferred advert and supply a few details, the time taken to do this is instant, and ultimately reflected in the price.

Online Advertising Is Fast

All of those who choose to advertise with will testify to the advertising process being one of the quickest and simplest of procedures possible! I am incredibly proud of my ability to get people up and running and in front of 13,400 plus viewers, in the fastest time possible.

Therefore, once you have decided on your final advertisement, let me know and I will aim to get your finished piece on the site and live in a matter of hours.

Compare that to the lengthy and expensive process of other advertising methods, and I am confident that you will make online advertising on this website your next step!