Why Business Travellers Are Happy to Spend More on Their Trips

There’s definitely a difference between someone travelling for leisure and someone who is identified as a business traveller, isn’t there. For one, the airline industry makes the distinction obvious by in a sense prioritising Business Class travellers as a way to reward them in value for the extra money they spend.

There are plenty of other ways airlines give more value to those travellers who pay at the very least twice as much as the standard ticket price, but considering every other element that forms part of what luxury travel is, why are business travellers happy to spend more for these extras?

The trip is being paid for by their employer

One of the reasons why business travellers are more than happy to spend more on their trips is because they’re not spending anything at all. That’s right. If you’re perhaps a self-made entrepreneur or independent business person, you may not be aware of the lengths companies and employers will go to make the trips they deploy their employees on as comfortable as possible. It’s in a sense something of “bribe” to make the trip as bearable as possible.

You’d definitely be happy to live it up in the best hotels, having flown Business Class if someone else was paying for it, even if it’s part of a way to reward you for their deployment of you.

They’re going to get reimbursed by their employer

Normally a business trip or company deployment is an all-expenses-paid one, with the company even picking the hotel and airline, but sometimes the arrangement has the employer paying their way during the trip and then billing their employer for reimbursement. They may even have an app like this MileIQ mileage tracker to help them work out exactly what they spent on driving for business so that their employer can reimburse them accurately. This reimbursement usually goes beyond merely matching the out-of-pocket expenditure though, with some kind of travel rewards bonus usually in the offing.

They’re drawing on their own company’s business expense account

In the case of business traveller being on a solo mission or one which has them pushing their very own hustle, it’s pretty much the same. They spend on what would otherwise be considered luxury travel items, so there’s no employer to reimburse them.

They proceed in any case because there’s a way to get back the value that you spend on, such as declaring it as a business expense, which means it’s a tax deduction. At the end of the financial year, you would have effectively spent the same amount of money you would have paid in tax on something like a Business Class ticket and/or the comforts of staying in luxury serviced apartments.

They need to focus on the business they’re travelling for

Finally, the dominant reason behind why business travellers are happy to spend more on their travels is that of the need to focus on a specific task which they’ve been deployed to do, whether it’s a self-deployment or a deployment by an employer. You don’t want to have to worry about the perils of cheap accommodation if you have an important meeting or presentation to nail and you don’t want to arrive at your destination with poor, Economy Class sleep with the aches and pains to go with.

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