What customisation options do I have when buying a custom paper bag?

When it comes to the physical manifestations of your brand, be it through business cards or other promotional materials, getting brand alignment is crucial to deliver a well-tailored and clear message to your customers. If you are looking into paper bags, going with a supplier that provides a lot of customisation will give you the chance to have a creative input and develop a product you are happy with. Below we have listed some of the different customisation options you have on a paper bag and how you can best use them.

  1. Logo and branding details

The first and most obvious option you have when it comes to custom paper bags is control over the logo and branding. This is a great way to make it clear to customers where the bag has come from and what your business represents. We recommend consulting your in-house design team (if you have one) as they will be able to tell where to position the logo and branding on the custom paper bag.

  1. The size of the bag

Another choice you will have to make when creating your custom paper bag is the size of the product. This will depend on the type of business you are, and what products you are selling. If you are a gift shop, perhaps a smaller paper bag will work. Equally, if you are a retail store, a larger custom paper bag will be better. If you do not sell products and are creating the bag as a promotional item, try to create a custom paper bag that will be the most useful for the people it is intended for.

  1. Handles and material

The style and material of the handle can make or break the custom paper bag. You can go for thicker material to create a higher quality feel, however, this may not work well with the rest of the custom paper bag. If you are unsure about the type of handle you should go for, you can always ask the paper bag printer for recommendations.

  1. Text and copy on the bag

The final big customisation option you have on custom paper bags is the text. This can be a great way to convey promotional messages or simply add an extra dimension to your bag’s design. We recommend keeping it short and simple so that it does not make the bag look too busy.

Find a supplier who can consult you on what will work best

As shown, there are a lot of customisation options when it comes to custom paper bags. Taking advantage of them will help you create a bag that stands out, making it more attractive to customers. If you are a bit jaded by the amount of customisation you have at your disposal, try to find a printer that has in-house design experts that can talk you through the process. This will help you avoid costly mistakes that could ruin your custom paper bag.

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