Top tips for getting the perfect branded ties

Branded ties can be a great way for any business or organisation to increase awareness whilst conveying a professional, credible image. Here are some top tips to think about when it comes to getting branded ties that are perfect for you!

Type of tie

Do you want a standard necktie? Or maybe you had a bow tie in mind? Standard neckties offer a larger fabric area to work with and generally tend to be the more popular option however bow ties can look just as eye catching when created with unique designs.

Material choice

If you are intending on using your branded ties for daily wear then polyester is the best option – it tends to be hardwearing whilst allowing design versatility. However silk is a great choice for more formal ties; silk ties offer a high quality appearance and a luxurious soft feel. If you prefer a tie with a lighter feel you can opt for dye printed silk ties.


Let your creativity flow – there are so many options when it comes to designing ties! What colours are you going to incorporate? What pattern should you opt for? Should you include your crest or logo? Logo ties are a great way to create something that is truly unique and recognisable. For more detailed designs dye printed ties are a good option, they offer brighter, more vivid colours!

Finishing touches

The finishing touches make all the difference. Weaving your logo or name into the lining of the fabric or customising the labels on your ties are extra ways to add a personal touch and create a product that is 100% branded!  

Consult experts

It can be difficult to know where to start when designing your own branded ties – expert designers are the solution! They can help to make the decision easier and offer advice on the best tie to suit your needs. Or why not try out this free tie design tool which allows you to visualise your chosen colours in a range of patterns.

Find an expert tie manufacturer and get started with your own branded ties!

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