The Ultimate Personal Financial Management Formula for Growth

Let’s face facts here; perhaps the single biggest piece of the personal growth and development pie is that portion with deals with your finances. Some might argue that it’s the only piece, because in the modern world we find ourselves today, you literally can’t do anything without money. Well, you probably could get by on the kindness of other people, but even those who love you the most will eventually tire of carrying you along.

You can only go so far on the goodwill of others. At some point you will need to get your money right.

Now, even those of us with the most stable of jobs, business, or any other primary income streams will jump at the chance to be able to earn extra money, even if we don’t really need it. It would definitely be nice to be able to stay in a five-star or presidential suite next time you go away on holiday, for instance, as a change from the four-star joint you regularly stay in, right? If you’re going to be driving to work every day, wouldn’t it be nice to be stuck in traffic in a much more comfortable car than the one you’re currently driving?

In our quest to try and take advantage of possible additional income streams, we often attend financial growth seminars, watch video presentations on the same topic online, read some personal and financial growth literature, etc. Once or twice we may get burned, parting with some money in a bid to take advantage of some opportunity for personal financial growth.

Often though, when you go back to your regular life, having come from yet another financial growth presentation, the fire which was lit unto your behind gets extinguished and you never get around to implementing any valuable lessons you may have learned, if you learned any at all. That’s because modern life is so demanding that it would require something of a complete lifestyle change for you to do things differently to how you’re doing them now. This brings to light the ultimate personal financial management growth formula, which simply requires you to assimilate a value-positive modus operandi into your existing life.

It’s all about segmenting your financial flows. Assuming you get an income, keep track of exactly how you spend your money and try to make each penny spent contribute positively to your net value.

For instance if you’re going to buy a new mobile phone, why not ask a contact in your network for an affiliate link through which you can buy that phone? That way you strengthen the bond with them by empowering them in a way that costs nothing extra.

Dedicate some of the money you set aside for entertainment and leisure to endeavors of the kind that bear the potential for some great returns. The best online slots, for instance, are fun to play and could lead to you winning some great jackpots. If you’re more of a bingo fan, then you might decide to opt for a bingo game instead. Something like bingo cash (here are some interesting bingo cash reviews if you want to learn more) provides great entertainment but also the opportunity to grow your income too.

Finally, try to align your regular lifestyle with some kind of economic activity that has you earning money as opposed to spending it.

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Tim Spafford

Tim is a student who works hard to get a degree in finance and build a successful career in business consulting. Being a student and living in London Tim has a real-life experience in budgeting, saving, money making, traveling and having fun.