Being a Student

When you are a student, this lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming. You are old enough legally to leave school and enter a world full of grown-ups, but you don’t always feel grown up! You are supposed to behave like a mature adult, but you’re technically still in the education system. It can, therefore, feel challenging to know your place at this stage in your life.

However, I feel that there is enough worry and scaremongering in the world when it comes to being a student, so I thought I should concentrate on the good things about being a student. Believe me, there are many!

Students Have Their Own Dress Code

For most, this equates to dress as you very well please! I must admit that style and fashion sense has taken a back seat since I got heavily into my studies. In fact, I have never felt so comfortable in this environment wearing what I want to wear, without being told to conform.

It’s refreshing to see so many peers choosing to wear what they feel comfortable in at Uni, rather than wearing what they feel fashion dictates them to wear. Though I do draw the line at attending lectures in my PJ’s!

Students Have Instant Access to Many Discounts

My NUS card has been amongst some of my most prized possessions since entering continuing education. In fact, I am still finding out about places which accept the card for discounts to this very day!

Many friends and family members marvel about the discounts being a student can get you. From clothes shops to the bookstore and even fast food outlets, there’s almost nowhere it seems that doesn’t welcome a student! And even if there are places where you cannot avail discounts or cashback, coupon websites like Price ( can always come in handy!

However, all thanks to student discount, it’s had to remember a time when I actually paid full price for almost anything since entering Uni, and I’m definitely not complaining!

Students Get A Lot of Down Time

Okay, while we do in fact work our hardest and often pull an all-nighter to get a paper in on time, us students all must admit that we get some memorable holidays. Where else would you find that offers a four-month holiday for the summer?

Many academics will say that they need this length of time to recuperate and recharge their brain cells. But in all honesty, it is quite excessive and only happens in the educational establishment.

I am under no illusions that when I leave Uni for the world of work, I will most likely be lucky to get four weeks of holiday, so, for now, I intend to make the most of the continuous downtime I get as a student.

Students Get to Live Like Kids Again

Enter many a student dorm and you may just feel that you have walked into a kids or teenagers room. Yep, we aren’t the tidiest or cleanest of people during term time, and I am no exception. I find myself regularly scanning the lack of space around me and immediately feeling as though I’m back home.

Unfortunately, I know I won’t be able to continue to live this way when I enter the real world, or so I’m told, so for now, I’ll just relish not having to clean or tidy up for as long as I can!

Finally, Students Have Uni Bars!

What has become a regular meeting point for myself and the many friends I have made at Uni, is also the cheapest place to buy a beer from! Though none of us have much money to get us through a typical night out, our lack of finances need not be a problem in the student union!