Steps to Choosing the Right University

Choice is just as difficult as the studies themselves, in my opinion. Different institutions provide a slightly different approach to their courses and you never know which one is the best for you. So, before choosing your future alma-mater (or if you decide to change it/go for a second degree), there are some steps to undertake.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Research is crucial in making sure you go in the right direction. The best way to find what you need nowadays is the Internet, so search for a database with all the universities listed. Narrow down to the specialty you opt for and make a list. Then deepen your research and go to websites, official social media accounts, etc. of every institution. By learning more about them, you’ll be able to make the list even shorter.

Step 2: Learn About Their Techniques

Find out about the courses you will get, how you will be taught and assessed. Some universities provide examples of their programs, lessons, etc., so the applicants know what they will learn before even going there. See if the material suits you and proceed.

Step 3: Go to Open Days

As a result of your research, you will get several universities to choose from. For a better understanding of whether one of them is for you, consider going to their open days. The information about the date and place is usually present on the official websites of the institutions. If you don’t find anything, don’t hesitate to call them or write an email.

Step 4: Get Answers

During the open days, all universities do their best to show themselves in the best light. So, if you have questions left, approach staff or current students to get answers. Ask whether they provide dormitories if you need one and whether they are any good. Find out more about additional courses or a diploma standard. Whatever comes to your mind that may make a difference in your choice, ask about it.

Step 5: Consider Location

Getting into details, consider where the university you’re choosing is located and whether it’s convenient for you. If it’s in another city, learn more about the main places you will need to get to and if the institution is situated in a good place transportation-wise.

As you find out all the details, it should become pretty clear which university to choose. Make sure it’s not only good for a degree, but for your heart as well, as you should feel good in order to success in your studies.

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Tim Spafford

Tim is a student who works hard to get a degree in finance and build a successful career in business consulting. Being a student and living in London Tim has a real-life experience in budgeting, saving, money making, traveling and having fun.