How to Make Money Fast

One of the most common questions I’m asked through this website is how to make money fast? This is especially a more familiar area of discussion among those who are studying in continuing education.

While there is not one guaranteed way to make fast money, I do have experience and success in creating quick cash through several genuine methods which could just be the answer you have been looking for.

Here is a list of five ways which could make you money, fast:

  • Get a Part-Time Job: Okay, you’ve probably heard this many a time from concerned family members, but this really is the best way to earn some extra cash. However, getting a job need not always be the usual areas of café work or bar work. It can also apply to positions such as blogging or writing, which you can do online.
    Many companies look specifically for student writers, so do a thorough search into such prospects and see where you could contribute your skill base to.
  • Offer Tutoring Services: University students have always been in high demand when it comes to offering their expertise and tuition. This is perhaps one of the most viable ways of putting that academic experience to good use!
    You could advertise on local boards or job sites, and even search for tutoring sites who specialize in matching academics to students. This is a great way to make a good earning while sticking closely to that of your chosen subject, as well as helping those who need that extra push to succeed.
  • Sell Your Study Notes: While many years ago this would never have been allowed, these days there are legitimate ways to sell your study notes for other students to benefit from.
    This is a great idea because not only are you offering your advice to others in this format, but you are also primarily being paid for studying if you look at it this way! All your hard work, which is leading you towards your degree, could be earning you money at the same time.
    Look out for those websites which allow you to place your notes online and attach a set price to them.
  • Give eBay a go: Making some quick cash has always been achievable through eBay. Perhaps you have some stuff just sitting around at home that you haven’t been using for Uni, and you feel as though you can now manage without it?
    I know of many students who have earned a few months’ worth of rent through selling their used stuff on eBay, and I’ve always been genuinely impressed each time. Some people have even gone on to become professional eBay marketplace sellers.
    It’s simple to set up and place an advert and, once your account is up and running, you can return to it again and again whenever you want to sell something on for some easy and quick cash. You may hear eBay offering coupons via sites like Raise from time to time but this is nothing to worry about as a seller. If a coupon is applied to the item you’re selling then eBay will cover the difference.
  • Consider freelancing: Offering your services as a freelancer during university can often be the best way to ensure a good stream of cash in an instant. This one may take a little bit of prep work to find the best clients, but once you find them, the money made can be better than most other methods combined.
    Look at creating the best profile that you can and get yourself onto as many freelance sites as possible, including Upwork, where you can look at picking up as much or as little work as you prefer and getting paid on a much more regular basis as you do so.
    Alternatively, you could also look at as many websites as possible and get in touch with those requesting paid contributors. Online magazines and newspapers are usually good in this area.