Making the Right Career Choice When You Are in Doubt

I was lucky enough to be sure in my future career early on, but for you, undecided friends, I have a well-working algorithm. It’s all about self-assessment and search, exploring, and learning. As the result, you will find not one but several potential career choices that suit your skills, personality, and wishes for the future.

Assess Yourself

The first thing to do is to find out who you are as a person and what predispositions and skills you have up your sleeve. There are a lot of tests and tools like to aid you in that, as well as specialists and courses to attend. One or a combination of those will help you get a considerable amount of potential career choices.

Make a List

After you finish with the self-assessment, you should end up having several lists with the occupations that are potentially fit for you. Now, make a big list out of all the results you’ve got and study every single career choice well. The Internet has a lot of golden sources for you to find out the main specifications and requirements for any possible occupation.

Narrow Down

As you’ve got enough information about all the occupations on your list, it’s time to narrow it down. Basically, what you have to do is eliminate the careers you don’t see yourself pursuing. Something you find too boring or not of your interest, too difficult or too easy, irrelevant for your country or having requirements you won’t be obtaining in near future.

Conduct Interviews

Many companies or recruiting agencies have the so-called informational interviews where you can get more information on a particular post or occupation overall. You can also find people who already took up the careers you have on your final list and ask them for a meeting. Online research may also help if you aren’t able to use the first two options.

Make a Choice

After all, you will see there is one or a couple of career choices most appealing to you. Go for it, attend courses to make sure you qualify or, if you’re still at school or college, make sure you choose the right specialty and university. Remember that you have a plethora of chances and you don’t have to work for one company or hold one post forever.

The key is to never stagnate if you’re still undecided but to keep yourself motivated and search until you feel happy with your choice.

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Tim Spafford

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