Is PayPal the Answer to your E-commerce Ambitions?

With the PayPal casino list making for somewhat of an exclusive club of platforms supported by the colossal online payment processor, what would it take for you to use this service to kick-start your own e-commerce ambitions?

You can kick-start your e-commerce business or darknetone site in a very simple way, by generating “buy now” buttons with PayPal and embedding them in your site to allow your customers to pay for your goods and services. And you can rest assured that the cardholder data of your customer shall be protected as well. As a requirement, online payment gateways must be PCI compliant, which they can achieve by tokenizing their database with the help of TokenEx (see, for example) or similar companies. This is done to eliminate the risk of data theft by desensitizing cardholder data in compliance with the PCI DSS. And moreover, PayPal is wildly trusted and popular. It is the preferred payment partner for thousands of online merchants. You can start selling almost immediately by adding PayPal buttons to your site. If you encounter difficulties in this process, then you might want to explore merchant account providers like Easy Pay Direct ( who could provide your e-commerce business with an online payment gateway to process credit cards, electronic checks, etc, securely and easily.

To start selling, select the “PayPal Pay Now” button. You can either add it to your online store (currently only on Shopify and BigCommerce) or to the cart page of your shop.

The buttons work just as any other Buy button, allowing your customers to buy your products or services using a single button click. No need to reload your site for the button to work. Once a customer clicks on the button, he will be redirected to the checkout page on your site, where he can select the desired payment method for his purchase and submit the payment.

The list of payment methods available in PayPal shop are as follows:

Use these buttons to set up an account and start selling. It’s that simple. If you already have an account, you can easily link it to PayPal store, and start selling right away.

If you are a Shopify Store owner, click here to go to the PayPal Shopify page, where you can enter your Shopify store and start the process. If you have an eCommerce site, you can use the “Donate Now” button on the PayPal site, under your existing checkout form.

Competitors to PayPal can’t quite seem to steal away market share from them, with names like Alertpay coming and going. Skrill would have been a great alternative, but doesn’t have a ready-made solution to generate “buy now” buttons like PayPal does. There are alternatives out there, however, that can make online payments easier for you. Klarna, for example, is a payment service that allows you to pay at a later date of your choosing, which is great if you’re waiting for payday but need something before you’ve reached it. You can also see here for b2b payment solutions that may be incredibly useful for any of your potential business needs.

As many know, PayPal’s signature experience is to pay with your phone. Paypal has since announced it had integrated Venmo into its system. Venmo’s score isn’t as high as PayPal’s though, and doesn’t even come close to Paypal’s newest add-on: ExpressCard.

PayPal ExpressCard allows the company’s Venmo and other fee-charging services to be accessed through the ExpressPay terminal in physical stores. That means users would be able to access those services through the ExpressPay terminal in stores, and then have them charge their purchase to their account. That is much better than having to input their card information into the ExpressPay terminal, enter a PIN code, then input the PIN number and then the last four digits of their card number, since those are all bits of information that Venmo can steal (just like any mobile app).

ExpressPay is one of the few remaining alternatives to PayPal. Credit card processor CCLight, established in 2012, also offers the ability to send and receive money via PayPal accounts, but does not provide any other type of payment services. Another firm that provides an alternative to PayPal is PayGarden, which was founded in 2012. Like PayGarden, PayGarden also has cards but does not offer the ability to pay with your credit card via ExpressCard.

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