How to make your bespoke packaging stand out this Christmas

Getting your product to stand out on the shelves in shops can be a challenge and if you are delivering your product online you have a huge amount of competitors who are just a click away from your sale. Differentiating yourself, then, is crucial when it comes to being competitive in the market. There is only so much you can compete on with your product, interestingly, customers also list packaging as one of the key metrics in the buying decision process. Here are a few reasons why bespoke or custom packaging could sky-rocket your sales this Christmas.

  • Bespoke packaging is not offered by many

In many markets, part of the easiest ways to stand out from your competitors is to offer things that they don’t. Bespoke packaging is part of the buying process that many fall down on. The right bespoke packaging will provide your customers with something that can be reused over time and add some value to the product offering. Beautiful packaging, which you can find on sites like, can help your product stand out against the crowd. With an innovative design, it’s a simple way to easily get ahead of your competition.

  • It lets you express your brand to your customers

The physical representations of your brand are some of the first things that spring to mind when customers think of your business. It is therefore a good idea to try and match your packaging to your brand. Approach CTP Custom Boxes or any other similar service providers to create unique packaging for your products. Make sure the custom packaging company has a knowledgeable design team that can curate the packages and promotional material for your brand professionally.

If you are offering a more luxury product try to stay away from cheap plastic and cardboard, this could detract from your brand in the eyes of the customer. We recommend finding a material that is pleasant to the touch for your bespoke packaging as research suggests customers consider the feel of the packaging when they are evaluating the quality of the product.

  • You can start to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers

At the end of Christmas many of us are faced with the similar issue of having a lot of presents but also a lot of packaging to get rid of. This has led to resentment by some consumers who feel that businesses are putting too much packaging on their products and not investing enough time in finding more sustainable solutions. If you are using bespoke packaging for your product you will have total control over the production and will be able to keep unnecessary packaging to a minimum.

Get Bespoke packaging to match your product needs

As shown bespoke packaging can help you to acquire new customers and delight the ones that you already have. Get in touch with an expert bespoke packaging company today to take the first step towards getting your products ready for the festive season.

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