The Changing Face of the Global Banking System

Don’t quote me on this right, but one learns so much more than what they study for their exams while at university. One of the biggest of these extracurricular lessons is that of how rules are generally not followed by those who seek to get ahead and get far ahead, especially in the financial sector. To put it bluntly and in the words of someone who wasn’t afraid to offend, rules are for suckers!

Now the reason why I say nobody should quote me on anything I discuss in this post is because it may or may not bring to light some activities which would draw the attention of law enforcement, even if they’d be demonstrating a bit of pettiness in their perusal of these borderline illegal activities.

If it was official it would be downright illegal to operate something like a parallel currency which circulates as legal tender within the confines of a network of higher learning institutions. You know, something like a currency which only has value on campus and on all premises which are tied to the participating colleges and universities?

This would be a demonstration of some high-level self-organisation, something which is notoriously hard to achieve amongst even the smallest group of people, but when enough people unite to push a common cause then it’s every bit as possible.

So whether or not there is a secret currency circulating within academic institutions, the regulators’ argument that this opens up Pandora’s box and allows for manipulation and unfair trading practices would be met with requests for them to redirect their eyes and take a closer look at the banking and financial system as it exists today. We’re talking here taking a look at the mainstream banking system.

What would emerge is that this is exactly what’s currently going on and what’s been going on for a while yet. Unfair laws are used to enrich an elitist group of people who are lucky enough to find themselves on the right side of the banking system, while the rest of us who are essentially living on the brink are one major event away from having our lives messed up as a result of a serious financial setback.

This internal revolt which may or may not be happening at university level is in any case the tip of the iceberg. The global banking system is going to have some sweeping changes brought to it and if the major players and gatekeepers don’t get on board in some or other way, soon they’ll be left with depleted power over their control of the world’s finances.

At least they’ll always have the advantage of the stock piles of cash they’ve managed to build up so effortlessly over the years, but the global banking system is definitely moving more towards a decentralised operational method. Whether it’s cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin set to take over or indeed if it’s a new standard on which monetary value is placed, the bottom line is changes are looming large in the global banking system.

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Tim Spafford

Tim Spafford

Tim is a student who works hard to get a degree in finance and build a successful career in business consulting. Being a student and living in London Tim has a real-life experience in budgeting, saving, money making, traveling and having fun.