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Japanese yen

The most frequently traded currencies on the FX market (by volume) are the United States dollar, the Euro and the Japanese yen. This also means that the Japanese yen (JPY) is the most traded of all the Asian currencies – by a huge margin. It is also the most

Boost Your Small Business Income With These Marketing Tips

Marketing is important for a small business, as every outlet to a wider audience creates a new path for your customer base to grow. Traditional marketing tactics are somewhat beneficial, but digital marketing is where you’ll gain the most visibility for your small business.   If you want to

Easy Money Making Opportunities for Students

Need some extra money but don’t want to ask parents about it? The money making opportunities for you as a student are plenty. I’ve checked some of these out myself and they helped, so choose one or several options and give them a go.

What’s Growth Got to do with it?

I remember as a child being sent to go and buy a loaf of bread for an amount of money whose denomination probably doesn’t even exist today, let alone having any sort of value that can actually buy something. The price of bread is what vividly lingers in my

Good-Money Side-Gigs for Students

There are certain industries which I guess will always form part and parcel of all the dynamics surrounding student life, so it will perhaps always make for a good option for you to seek to make some extra money on the side as a student waiting tables, manning the