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How to protect lone workers who may be exposed to risks in the workplace

Many of us are lucky enough to work in environments that allow us to fulfil our human need for socialising and team building, however many individuals work makes it necessary for them to work in isolation from other employees. An estimated 8 million people in the UK are classified

Finance Tips For Entrepreneurs Starting Their First Business

The realm of today’s business is extremely competitive, and poor financial management skills will lower the odds of survival for your operation even more.  It’s vital that you are capable of effectively managing the full spectrum of your business operation’s financial activities.   Getting your business started on the right

The Many Benefits of Continuing with Your Education

Though I am still a student, I have always made a concentrated effort to look ahead and make some form of plan as to my next move when I finish my degree. The goal, for now, is to get that all important first degree in Finance and then one