Being a Budget Traveler

If there is one thing I have had to learn in quick time as a student, it’s how to become a budget traveler if I am to make the most of those wonderful but drawn out holidays that we get every year!

It was always my intentions to get out and travel as much of the world as possible, and what better way to begin my adventure than when studying at Uni? After all, with so many others choosing to take gap years at this crucial time of their lives, there is undoubtedly something to be said for making the most of this free time at such an early age!

Most students believe that traveling is out of their reach when studying. So many feel it would be a considerable cost which they just couldn’t afford. But, what if I told you it was possible, albeit with a little bit of prep work before you go? Many people are unaware that traveling can be inexpensive if you plan beforehand. For example, if you’re going to the beach, rent a bike (for more info, check and explore the area. This way, you can see the city’s true colors while saving a lot of money.

Look at Interrailing

For those who have no idea what this means, interrailing is a term used to describe substantially reduced rail travel around Europe. It must be taken on a specified time but by purchasing an interrail pass grant you can access the student price range and take a trip from as little as a few days to as long as an entire month, and all for a small amount of money!

This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to experience Europe at its most beautiful and can be done alongside other students in a group, if you would prefer to make the most of this socializing time. It is also one of the more popular methods with all university students looking to add a bit of travel into their time.

Once you have purchased your interrail pass grant, you can then look ahead to booking hostel accommodation, which is not only immensely exciting but also one of the cheapest accommodation options available, especially if you book as a group.

Consider Volunteering

Perhaps a cheaper way to get to Europe, and take in some of its famous landmarks, is to volunteer. There are numerous organizations that you can get further information on at Uni who will connect you with reputable organizations and even families and individuals willing to provide some accommodation in return for your voluntary work.

Not only do you get the chance to experience another culture and help somebody who needs it, but this type of experience will look great on your CV and academic records!

You could also take the opportunity to learn the local language, thus making it perhaps one of the most jam-packed traveling experiences you may ever get the chance to take before Uni ends.

Grab a Backpack

For those amongst you who are the more adventurous and outdoor types, there is always backpacking if you want to travel on a budget. This method means you can pitch up at camp at places that are almost next to nothing to rent out and go further afield as you do so.

However, if you would prefer to travel somewhere entirely different, places such as Vietnam and India, for example, will offer reasonable accommodation for less than the rent of your Uni digs!

You may have to play it by ear regarding finding somewhere to stay this way, but let’s be honest, that is the fun part of being able to travel so freely at our age!

Keep an eye on those websites offering a list of free accommodation, as well as those that can give you transport comparisons for all flights, trains, and ferries. And make sure before you set off, you save yourself a potential fortune by getting yourself fully insured and vaccinated as appropriate!