5 Best Careers to Take up in 2019

Career choices are relevant to everyone from school children to those who have already graduated from a university. It’s never late to choose or change the niche in which you envision yourself the most productive and successful.

Careers to Take Up: Engineer

Engineers are always in demand, and there are several different types of this specialty:

  • Chemical engineering;
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Computer science engineering;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Nuclear engineering.

There are many more, and as far as I know, all of them are pretty high-paid. These career choices also require a lot of education and hard work, but it pays off.

Careers to Take Up: Alternate Energy Sources Technician

As Uranium Production (as well as other developments when it comes to energy) continues, alternate energy sources technicians are becoming more popular than ever. Many companies have gone eco-friendly and installed solar panels and wind stations over the last years. And the more businesses do it, the more technicians they need to maintain those complex systems.

Clean energy becomes very important for modern world due to climate change, so steady employment is expected to be achieved in the nearest future.

Careers to Take Up: Nurse Practitioner

Have you noticed healthcare workers wearing those green nursing scrubs working diligently in hospitals? Most likely, you have encountered them and probably received care from them. Over the past few decades, our population has aged but also lives longer. However, healthcare systems in many countries still require significant improvement, indicating that nurses will continue to play a crucial role. Nursing remains a career choice in high demand for the foreseeable future. While pursuing this specialty requires extensive education, training, and certification, it can be rewarding, especially if you are passionate about helping others and dedicating your life to it. If you are that person, you can check out various nursing courses provided around the world, probably similar to CNA Classes (Certified Nursing Assistant’s classes), which can provide you certification and license to work as a nurse in hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospices, and private homes.

Careers to Take Up: Software Developer

In the era of technological progress, software is a crucial part of any robot or device. And as those machines become even smarter, they create a need for new kinds of software. For example, mobile app crafting is one of the most popular niches for software developers. Or maybe help the healthcare industry by creating an EMR software that would streamline all their processes in one platform (learn more about electronic medical record here). You could also take up web development, as the Internet grows and there are new things appearing basically every month.

Careers to Take Up: Data Analyst

Considering the tendency to tracking everything and everyone, the amount of data collected annually increases by hundreds of times. Data is useless without those who process it, and a major part of that niche are data analysts. So, the longer this tendency is kept, the more specialists will be needed by businesses.

There are many more careers to take up! Some of them have been around for a while, some are just gaining recognition, and even more are yet to come. Think of what you might be the best at and don’t hesitate to go for it.

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