4 of the key benefits of adopting bespoke paper bags in your business

We all want to give the customer the best possible experience when it comes to the buying process. However, if you do not use the right methods of product delivery, this can be an uphill struggle. If you are focusing your sales in the offline realm, the buying experience of your stores is crucial to ensuring long term profitability.

This is where the bespoke paper bag comes in. Now we know what you are thinking: ‘why do I need to invest in bespoke paper bags for my stores when they are not even a product we are selling?’ This may seem like a sensible question at the start, but ask yourself another question: can you afford to lose customers due to poor brand touchpoints? The answer to that question should be a resounding no.

In today’s article, we have a look at the benefits of bespoke paper bags and why they are a better choice for your stores than regular brown paper bags.

  • Bespoke paper bags help you get creative with branding

Branding can be one of the most challenging parts of your business, but it can be one of the key differentiators between you and your competitors on the Highstreet. Creating bespoke paper bags with creative branding can help keep you in the front of customers minds and provide them with an extra special buying experience.

  • Bespoke paper bags can be tailored to different seasons and sales

Another great benefit of adopting bespoke paper bags is that they can be tailored to different seasons and sales. This helps feed them more directly into your marketing strategy and can provide you with some interesting ideas for the bespoke designs of the bag. For example, having a bag with a voucher code for a Black Friday sale could be just the nudge a customer needs to become a repeat customer for your business.

  • The feel of a bespoke paper bag can make all the difference for a customer

There is no denying the quality feel that many different bespoke paper bags have. You usually have control not only over the design but also the materials used. This provides you with endless creative opportunities and can help you develop a bag that is going to add that extra quality feel when customers are making a purchase. As number 4 illustrates, this can also turn your bag into somewhat of a fashion item.

  • A bespoke paper bag can be used by the customer repeatedly in the future

If you create a bespoke paper bag that is both stylish and practical, you are on to a winner. This is because the bag is likely to be reused by customer s again in the future. This has the potential to increase brand awareness and can lead to your bag being viewed as a fashionable item to ‘wear’. Think of the top Italian fashion houses and how you perceive their bags when you see them in the streets.

Make sure you get the designs perfect on your bespoke paper bags?

The benefits outlined all have the potential to increase the footfall in your stores and turn an average buyer experience into an exceptional one. Having said that if you do not get the design right you could lose all the benefits of a bespoke paper bag. To stop this happening make sure you go with an expert bag supplier and spend time iterating your designs so that you have the best possible product for your stores.

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