4 benefits managed IT support brings to an SME

It goes without saying that technology has become a large part of all businesses, and is something worth investing in. For SME’s, (small to medium enterprises), it support and services can be something that decision-makers are wary of outsourcing but keeping up to date with new technologies and keeping IT systems running efficiently can be a time-consuming task.

For most SME’s, managed IT services provided by a trusted IT support company (if you’re looking for IT services in Idaho, you could visit the Treasure Valley IT homepage and see what they could do for your business) is the most cost-effective way to keep the business functioning as best as it can.

In some businesses, a small group of people or an individual employee may take charge of the IT. This can save money on outsourcing IT support, but this can lead to IT taking a back seat because of their main work taking over or vice versa, which is then a waste of resources.

Take a look at some of the key benefits to having managed IT services:

Expert assistance

Often in small businesses many IT issues can be fixed with some Googling and a bit of playing around, but there are some issues that a designated IT person in-house is unlikely to be able to solve. One person usually doesn’t have enough experience and knowledge to cover all of the IT issues that can arise. With managed IT services, your business has access to a full team of experts who cover the entire spectrum of IT problems.

Remote assistance

Remote technology assistance means that an IT support company in Bristol can help an employee in Manchester solve 95% of her computer issues by accessing her device, and the main system, remotely. An IT engineer can view the employees screen and hard drive and make changes or fixes that are necessary. This is a much more efficient method than the old way of trying to hunt down an IT guy who has to come to the device physically to solve any issues.

More than just fixing things

By outsourcing IT support, you are getting more than just access to an IT technician who can fix issues that you find. A good IT support provider will ensure your business’s entire IT infrastructure is optimised, secure and working properly by constantly monitoring your systems and suggesting changes. A company’s it infrastructure security and functionality should be at the forefront of its priority list so having this professional help is incredibly wise. A professional is able to spot potential issues before they happen, meaning less downtime for your business.

Better budgeting

Tech support through a managed support service is usually a predictable expense. Rather than have to call in an IT technician to fix large issues after they have escalated, the fixed monthly cost of managed services helps you to budget easily and keep costs down as much as possible.

For more information on IT support and managed IT services in Bristol and the South West, get in touch with Netitude. They are experts in IT support and can give you some more information on the support that is right for you.

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