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Small Businesses Ask London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Rethink ULEZ

According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA), ULEZ (London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone) introduced by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is going to damage the small business niche dramatically. Therefore, the FTA is pleading with the mayor to rethink the usability of the scheme.

5 Best Careers to Take up in 2019

Career choices are relevant to everyone from school children to those who have already graduated from a university. It’s never late to choose or change the niche in which you envision yourself the most productive and successful.

5 Great Ways for New Investors to Get into Stock Trading

In the days of online research and education, quality material about stock trading isn’t that difficult to find. The niche itself is a gem because it’s active 24/7 and the game with the stocks and money never ends. This means you have endless chances to get into it. The

5 Main Types of Business Budgeting

In my opinion, and I can back it up if needed, having a budget is crucial for business success. It helps greatly in managing the capital invested and see where is goes. Besides, you can work on increasing the profits and using your money more efficiently. All these goals

6 Traits That Will Make You Rich

I’ve been reading a lot of books about personal finance lately, and I see many writers believe that character traits are just as important as money in this sphere. Those traits influence your attitude towards finances, which may make you richer or pooper. So, I decided to highlight some

10 World’s Biggest Banks by Total Assets in 2019

One of the biggest news of the banking world is the annual rating of 100 top banks by total assets. This year, Asia (and especially China) outgrew the former ‘leader of the world’ (the USA) by much.

Advice on Traveling Around Europe for Students

From my own experience, the number one issue for students who want to start seeing the world early is money. This is where budget traveling comes in handy. Although there will be no 5-star hotels and first-class flights, you’ll still be able to see Europe on the cheap.

Banking System: Definition and Compounds

A lot of students apply for a degree in finance knowing absolutely nothing about the field. Luckily, I got your back starting with one of the essentials – banking system. By definition, it is a number of institutions connected into a network that provides financial services for people and

Best Options for Long-Term Investment

There’s always a fight between safety- and growth-oriented investments. Most starters opt for safety, fearing the risks of losing their hard-earned money. They choose protection over prospective, which is understandable. However, the modern safe investors are at risk of losing money due to inflation, so there might be nothing

Combining University and Hobbies: How to Succeed

Many people still underestimate the importance of having a good time and giving your mind some time to relax. This is what hobbies are for, not to mention they develop additional skills. I’m leading to the question of whether you can combine your studies and hobbies.