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An inspiring reading list for grad students

You’ve reached the finishing line… the years of studying are completed, and the degree is now securely under your belt. After the victory slowly disappears, the reality will hit… that it’s just you and your trusty degree against the world. Millions of other young adults across the world have

The Many Benefits of Continuing with Your Education

Though I am still a student, I have always made a concentrated effort to look ahead and make some form of plan as to my next move when I finish my degree. The goal, for now, is to get that all important first degree in Finance and then one

Brace Yourself for a Great Time in Bricktown

Don’t let its quiet midwestern vibe fool you. Oklahoma City is flush with an abundance of interesting things to see and do, partnered with amazing dining and shopping opportunities. All of this, plus it’s a convenient location and an inviting culture that welcomes everyone, makes OKC a gem of the

Protect Your Business With These Vital Insurance Policies

When you’re the owner of a business, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate.  Many different things could go wrong at any given time, and you have very little control over most of them.  Insurance, however, is built to add protection for those unpredictable situations.

5 steps to a successful property investment

Buy to let investment is one of the most popular ways to boost your income, with the UK property market offering fantastic potential for first-time investors. When you take all the right steps, property investment can be a fulfilling venture that helps you meet your financial goals. When rushed

Investing In Your Brand: Some Tips for Better Visibility

Whether you have a personal brand or a professional one, it’s worth investing in your imaging. You want people to immediately associate your branding design with the quality of your work, which is why it’s so important to integrate all of the necessary elements together. These elements will come

Investing In Your Bricks and Mortar

There’s a lot of attention these days on digital products and digital services. There are lots of people and businesses that operate entirely online. But there is something to be said for having a physical store. There’s a presence that comes with having a location that people can go

Small Businesses Ask London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Rethink ULEZ

According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA), ULEZ (London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone) introduced by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is going to damage the small business niche dramatically. Therefore, the FTA is pleading with the mayor to rethink the usability of the scheme.

5 Best Careers to Take up in 2019

Career choices are relevant to everyone from school children to those who have already graduated from a university. It’s never late to choose or change the niche in which you envision yourself the most productive and successful.

Tips For Promoting Your Professional Skills Online

If you don’t toot your own horn in the beginning of your professional career, the people may never hear the music.  Learning to promote yourself without sounding like you’re full of yourself is a tricky business.