Education that Matters – It’s about the process

There’s a reason why any university degree requires some time, effort and money to acquire – even those which are considered to be easy fields of study don’t have the degrees they offer just hanging low on trees, waiting to be plucked by anyone who realises just how important a qualification can be in their life. You have to work for it and make quite a bit of sacrifices.

But today’s discussion topic is specifically about education that matters, which if one takes a closer look at suggests that a degree does not necessarily constitute a qualification that matters. I’m not trying to discount the gravity of having a qualification such as a degree to your name – that can open so many doors for you and it certainly makes the passageway into financial stability that much easier. All I’m saying is that it’s about the substance you come away with from whichever channel through which you endeavoured to get educated.

I mean I could complete a 350 GBP English teaching course online and come away with more relevant knowledge and information than someone who chooses to go to university to get a degree in education, but that all depends on what each of us wants to do with the information we obtain. If it was your plan to get into education as a career path in itself, then the formal qualification route would be okay for you, whereas if you just wanted to make a good living teaching English in some faraway place or even in your native country, an online course would be the way to go.

In this particular instance the online course route is pretty much just a matter of setting aside a little bit of money and a little bit of your time, completing assignments and then submitting them online for assessment and certification.

Again, it’s about the knowledge of what you want to do with the specific education you seek to obtain. In the case of the online English teaching classes, there’s a specific certification course which is not officially recognised by the regular regulatory bodies, but it has become an institution unto itself. If you carry this specific certification level then you’re pretty much guaranteed a teaching job, perhaps a less (or more) ideal situation of which is having to teach online instead of in front of an actual class of students.

Ultimately though, the important thing is that one should seek to embark on educational courses that matter. Don’t waste your time getting a qualification just for the sake of being able to say that you have a degree to your name.

On the flip side, the sheer commitment and basic learning fundamentals of pretty much any degree have you demonstrating the kind of competence which can be expanded on and moulded into a specific field in which opportunities may become available. That’s why 99 out of 100 times what you go to school for isn’t necessarily the field you’re going to be earning your living in and that’s why certain degree qualifications are listed as “being advantageous” or as one of a set of minimum requirements.

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Tim Spafford

Tim Spafford

Tim is a student who works hard to get a degree in finance and build a successful career in business consulting. Being a student and living in London Tim has a real-life experience in budgeting, saving, money making, traveling and having fun.
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