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My Rude Awakening about What Love Really is

If it’s any consolation to myself and to anybody who might have a bitter taste left in their mouth after reading this post, the jury’s actually still out on what love really is all about. I’m just making an observation based on a recent encounter I had with someone

5 Reasons Why Every UK Citizen Should Make a Last Will & Testament

If you are of working age, you should consider writing a will, as in the event something happened to you, your estate will be left to those you wish. Writing a legally binding will that is signed in the presence of witnesses leaves nothing to chance, and if you

The True Cost of the Best Years of Your Life

Ordinarily one can quite easily get the sense that they can accurately work out what the cost of going to college is, given the rather explicit manner in which fees are advertised and quoted. The cost goes a little deeper than that however and it goes way beyond just