Budgeting Tips for a Single Man

Being a single man has a lot of problems, and one of them is making a budget. If you are one of the millions of bachelors finding it hard to take care of your money, this article is for you.

Understand the importance of managing money

Money, like every other asset, can be used as per your comfort, but unlike any other resource, you have the option to manage money in different spheres of life.  You would have to accept that no one makes enough money to fulfill all their desires.  It’s all about using your salary in the best possible manner.  Try to write down your expenses as soon as money enters your account as it will employee discipline in your life like never before. Prepare a game plan for the greater good and do not hesitate in eliminating expenses that prevent you from becoming a better individual.

Avoid impulsive buying

How many times have you fallen for online discounts purchasing things that you do not need? It happens with most of us, but few have the ability to resist impulsive buying.  Do not buy shoes just because your friend bought a pair recently. Stay true to yourself and spend money on things that have the highest priority.  However, do not kill all of your temptations as sometimes we can derive real happiness from something we love. Stick to the idea of practical expenses, and you will be doing better than you did last month.

Savings always come handy

Being young and single makes people take a little erratic vision towards life, and we do not care about saving money for future. While being in your 20s, or even 30s for that matter, you can start saving money on a regular basis which will help you in emergencies. Our life is not pre-planned, and we can always face grave challenges that are easily tackled if we have money in our pockets. Moreover, our savings would eventually help us after retirement. Remember, money is not everything, but it is much about anything.

Have a money mentor

It’s never too late to take advice from someone wise with money. Many times a person is able to come up solutions for our problems better than ourselves. You can consult with your elder sibling, a friend, a colleague or even our parents to get guidance on expenses you lack.  Do not be over-confident and take financial advice as many times you feel like.  Even though we already know solutions to our issue advice from a trusted person can clear any confusion.

Think before sharing space

Most of us have lived with our friends and even with complete strangers to save some money. But, at times our decision leads to more expenses as we are exposed to new opportunities to spend money. Either it’s our roommate’s birthday or your weekend plans, more money is wasted without us even realizing about it.

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Tim Spafford

Tim Spafford

Tim is a student who works hard to get a degree in finance and build a successful career in business consulting. Being a student and living in London Tim has a real-life experience in budgeting, saving, money making, traveling and having fun.
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