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The Many Benefits of Continuing with Your Education

Though I am still a student, I have always made a concentrated effort to look ahead and make some form of plan as to my next move when I finish my degree. The goal, for now, is to get that all important first degree in Finance and then one

The True Cost of the Best Years of Your Life

Ordinarily one can quite easily get the sense that they can accurately work out what the cost of going to college is, given the rather explicit manner in which fees are advertised and quoted. The cost goes a little deeper than that however and it goes way beyond just

Freelancing – Entering a Different Kind of Job Market

For those who graduate from their academic course of study and are adamant they don’t want to enter the traditional job market, going the freelance route could perhaps make for the best prospect. It’s a tough route to follow though, but with the right approach and frame of mind,

Going the Private Company Route

Many entrepreneurs who are working on start-ups of the Silicon Valley type in particular love to talk about their exit strategy once the venture they’ve founded blows up and realises the success they envisioned. In most cases the standard reference to their exit strategy is indeed that of the

Good-Money Side-Gigs for Students

There are certain industries which I guess will always form part and parcel of all the dynamics surrounding student life, so it will perhaps always make for a good option for you to seek to make some extra money on the side as a student waiting tables, manning the

Your Quick Guide to Prepaid Debit Cards

Granted, things were a little bit different back when I was still at Uni, but I think I can say with the greatest of conviction that had I took the time to search long and hard enough, I would have definitely come into the information about prepaid debit cards

A Group Approach to Annihilating Student Debt

The thing with the financial sector is that it actively discourages bigger-picture thinking through the various financial services it offers, particularly those that are aimed at individuals. For the most part it makes perfect sense to go it alone by way of your personal finances and I mean that’s

Education that Matters – It’s about the process

There’s a reason why any university degree requires some time, effort and money to acquire – even those which are considered to be easy fields of study don’t have the degrees they offer just hanging low on trees, waiting to be plucked by anyone who realises just how important

Zoning In on the World of Online Education

As is the case with just about every other type of business that lives out its lifecycle online, online education has become somewhat of the focal point of a new digital gold rush. There used to be a time when the facilitation of education online was pretty much just

Trump-China Trade Wars – Is the US Headed for Disaster?

You’ll notice how I pitted the president of the United States, Donald J Trump as an individual against China and not the United States as a country against China. This is because I really don’t believe there’s a common consensus amongst US citizens that Trump should be engaging in